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  • Vice President Johnson's 1961 visit to Berlin; meeting LBJ in the 1950's in the United States; LBJ's affinity for Germany and German people; Brandt's visits to the U.S. in the mid-1960's; Vietnam police; LBJ's opinions of European relations; Robert
  • Oral history transcript, Willy Brandt, interview 1 (I), undated, by Joe B. Frantz
  • Willy Brandt
  • Brandt, Willy, 1913-
  • See all interviews with Willy Brandt
  • widow, Brigitte Seebacher-Brandt INTERVIEWEE: WILLY BRANDT INTERVIEWER: Joe B. Frantz PLACE: Willy Brandt's office, at the Social Democratic Party offices Tape 1 of 2, Side 1 F: This is an interview with former chancellor Willy Brandt in his
  • Cain, James C. (James Clarence), 1913-1992
  • , and had a gallbladder attack. This was when he was President of course. He had an attack, and I was called with Dr. Burkley who was at the White House at the time, and I think maybe Willis Hurst had seen him also, called me and asked me to come see him. I
  • Pickle, J. J. (James Jarrell), 1913-
  • this same old bunch, Marietta Brooks and Julia Bryson down running the .office; we had Charlie Herring, later our state¬∑ ¬∑senator, and Don Thomas, he1ping on this helicopter; Sam Plyler and Dorothy Plyler, Willie Day Taylor, Mack DeGeurin were all involved
  • Biographical information; meeting LBJ through the National Youth Administration (NYA) and Dr. J. Willis Hurst; Jones' work to develop Emory University's health services, including its medical school; Jones' work on the National Advisory Health
  • be in it. Your name is Boisfeuillet Jones. You were born in 1913 in Macon, Georgia, and educated at Emory--a bachelor's and a law degree in the late thirties. From 1935 to 1943 you were with the National Youth Administration, on the Georgia staff, then Georgia
  • More on LBJ Library oral histories: ORAL HISTORY TRANSCRIPT Lyndon B. Johnson Library Oral Histories [NAID 24617781] Reedy -- XVI -- 3 that all of the senators in the 1913-1914
  • would assume that he lived there in 1912-1913. The first memory I have would be in 1914. M: What memory is that? R: In 1914, Tom Ball ran against Jim Ferguson for governor of Texas. Ferguson was an anti-prohibitionist and Ball was a prohibitionist
  • Freeman, Orville L. (Orville Lothrop), 1913-2003