Oral history transcript, Boisfeuillet Jones, interview 1 (I), 6/17/1970, by T.H. Baker


Oral history transcript, Boisfeuillet Jones, interview 1 (I), 6/17/1970, by T.H. Baker

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Biographical information; meeting LBJ through the National Youth Administration (NYA) and Dr. J. Willis Hurst; Jones' work to develop Emory University's health services, including its medical school; Jones' work on the National Advisory Health Council environmental study; Jones' work for the Senate Appropriations Committee regarding the funding of medical research; how Jones became special assistant to the secretary for health and medical affairs in the Department of Health, Education, and Welfare (HEW); 1961 morale in the Kennedy administration; Jones' involvement in the introduction of Medicare; opposition to health program legislation; the introduction of Medicaid by the American Medical Association (AMA); JFK's meeting with members of the AMA to discuss issues including hospitalization insurance under Social Security; Jones' interaction with LBJ as vice president; the Health Professions Educational Assistance Act of 1963; Jones' involvement with the Mental Health-Mental Retardation Act; Jones advocacy of an environmental health center and issues relating to its location; problems in the administration of HEW; JFK's assassination; LBJ's success in getting health-related legislation passed; Jones leaving Washington and Emory to become president of the Emily and Ernest Woodruff Foundation; organizing LBJ's and Lady Bird Johnson's 1964 visits to Atlanta; the 1964 Lady Bird Special campaign train trip; Jones' interest in returning to government work; a cancer and heart disease report that was preempted by the Bay of Pigs; the White House conference on health; how Jones came to lead Economic Opportunity Atlanta Incorporated; the Community Action Agency in Atlanta; being offered a regional OEO job; Jones' work as chair of the National Advisory Commission on Health Facilities; LBJ's concern for health-related issues and quality of life; Jones' involvement in the National Alliance of Businessmen (NAB); Jones' final visit with the Johnsons in December 1969; personal interactions between the Jones and Johnson families; advising LBJ and Senator Paul Douglas on krebiozen; instituting regulations that barred krebiozen from interstate shipment; problems related to the use of thalidomide.


Jones, Boisfeuillet, 1913-2001


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Boisfeuillet Jones


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