Oral history transcript, Jake Jacobsen, interview 2 (II), 6/7/1984, by Michael L. Gillette


Oral history transcript, Jake Jacobsen, interview 2 (II), 6/7/1984, by Michael L. Gillette

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Jacobsen's early work for LBJ; protocol for entering LBJ's office; a trip to Camp David with LBJ; allowing LBJ to relax from the stress of his duties; Ambassador W. Tapley Bennett, Jr., Abe Fortas, and Tom Mann in the Dominican Republic in 1965; criticism that LBJ was impulsive in dealing with the Dominican Republic; Jacobsen's involvement in beautification legislation; the outdoor advertisers' lobby; Jacobsen's relationship with Henry Gonzalez; Larry O'Brien's work; misconceptions about trading votes for favors; calling members of Congress and their constituents to get support for upcoming legislation; LBJ's relationship with labor leaders and his stance on the Taft-Hartley Act; a summer youth employment program; LBJ's attitude toward the Kennedy family; Adam Clayton Powell; a party LBJ hosted for congressional aides; staying at the LBJ Ranch; the telephone system used by LBJ and staff; radio communication at the Ranch; having picketers near the Ranch arrested and later invited to the Ranch; LBJ's activities at the Ranch; Jacobsen's and LBJ's relationships with A.W. Moursund; Dale Malechek's work at the Ranch; the House Rules Committee and Howard Smith holding up bills; LBJ's opinion of speechwriters; LBJ's speech at Howard University; LBJ's admiration for Dwight Eisenhower; LBJ's interest in space; Jim Webb; Jacobsen's opinion of Eric Goldman; LBJ's failure to get the appreciation or cooperation of people in the arts; the 1965 White House Festival of the Arts; Vietnam in 1965; LBJ's view of the war and the information and advice he was receiving; how LBJ obtained information; LBJ's secrecy and relationship with the press; LBJ's travel planning; LBJ's opinion of William McChesney Martin; Joseph Swidler as head of the Federal Power Commission; Ed Clark as ambassador to Australia; Jacobsen's opinion of Jim Symington; George Reedy as press secretary; the appointment of General William McKee as Federal Aviation Administration chairman; the death of Senator Richard Russell's nephew; tracking support for civil rights legislation; 1965 legislation topics; the possibility that Robert Kennedy would be asked to run for the vice presidency; Wilbur Mills; LBJ visiting President Harry Truman; Homer Thornberry's and James Coleman's appointments; LBJ's efforts to appoint judges who were not biased about civil rights; LBJ's restlessness.


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