Oral history transcript, Jake Jacobsen, interview 1 (I), 5/27/1969, by Dorothy Pierce (McSweeny)


Oral history transcript, Jake Jacobsen, interview 1 (I), 5/27/1969, by Dorothy Pierce (McSweeny)

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Biographical information; working for Price Daniel; Jacobsen’s personal political philosophy; 1940’s and 1950’s political climate in Texas; LBJ’s reputation as a congressman; LBJ’s early advisers and associates; law suit involving the 1948 election; Coke Stevenson; involvement in Washington litigation while LBJ was Senator; the Leland Olds case and the Texas oil industry; Allan Shivers, Adlai Stevenson and Sam Rayburn in the 1952 election; getting the Adlai E. Stevenson/John J. Sparkman Democratic ticket; LBJ becoming Minority Leader in 1953 and Majority Leader in 1954; time following LBJ’s 1955 heart attack; LBJ vs. Price Daniel on civil rights; Majority Leader LBJ’s attempts to balance his duties to Texas and the nation; LBJ’s talents as Majority Leader; LBJ’s relationship with Republican leaders; Rayburn and LBJ’s influence on the Texas delegation; competition between senators’ offices; LBJ legislative advice to Daniel; socializing with LBJ; the Governors’ convention of 1956; Jake Pickle; LBJ bringing order to the chaos at the 1956 Democratic Convention; Raymond Buck; Woodrow Bean; Mrs. Frankie Randolph; problems with convention procedure; clarification of how LBJ became involved in the 1956 convention; Jacobsen’s gratitude for LBJ’s help in the 1956 convention; Jacobsen’s career history; working for KTBC as a lawyer; gearing up for 1960 election; amending legislation so that LBJ could run for two offices simultaneously; Texas convention; preparation for the 1960 convention; Kennedy’s control of the 1960 convention; work/duties during the convention; JFK/LBJ debate for the Texas delegation; the idea of LBJ as VP at the 1960 convention; Jacobsen’s role in the 1960 campaign; getting Texans to vote for JFK/LBJ; Bobby Baker; speculation about what role LBJ would take in 1964; organizaing the Austin part of the 1963 Texas trip; JFK’s lack of support in Texas; the JFK assassination and afterwards; the 1964 convention and who would be VP; Barry Goldwater; going to work for LBJ in 1965; gatting settled into Washington and Jacobsen’s job; Larry O’Brien; morning bedroom duty with Marvin Watson; LBJ’s morning routine; Jacobsen’s duties on visits to the Ranch; LBJ’s personality and compassion; foreign relations; President LBJ’s relationship with Congress; trips with LBJ; doing LBJ’s makeup; LBJ giving to a poor family and the Catholic church in Stonewall; LBJ’s relationship with the Kennedys and Hubert Humphrey; LBJ’s interest in the media (TV, ticker tape, newspapers) and sensitivity to the media; diversity of the staff’s backgrounds; friction among staff mambers; Jacobsen’s opinions on the press; assessment of specific LBJ staffers; who had influence on LBJ’s decisions; LBJ’s temper; LBJ’s 'earthy' language; LBJ’s power of persuasion; the credibility gap; Mrs. Johnson’s influence on LBJ; LBJ’s decision not to run in 1968 and the possibility that he might change his mind; LBJ’s most significant accomplishments; LBJ’s strengths and weaknesses; how history will view LBJ.


Jacobsen, Jake


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Assassinations; JFK Assassination; Rayburn, Sam, 1882-1961; Humphrey, Hubert H. (Hubert Horatio), 1911-1978; 1960 campaign; 1948 campaign


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Jake Jacobsen


Dorothy Pierce (McSweeny)

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Post-Presidential (Jan. 21, 1969-)