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  • Biographical information; Mr. and Mrs. Clarence Martin; school in Johnson City; childhood memories of LBJ; Rebekah Johnson's desire for LBJ to attend college; George Johnson; Sam Johnson; Booker's mother loaning LBJ $100; living in Houston with LBJ
  • Oral history transcript, Ruth Booker, interview 1 (I), 8/14/1986, by Christie L. Bourgeois
  • Booker, Ruth, 1915-2001
  • Ruth Booker
  • See all online interviews with Ruth Booker
  • LBJ Presidential Library ORAL HISTORY TRANSCRIPT More on LBJ Library oral histories: INTERVIEW I DATE: August 14, 1986 INTERVIEWEE: RUTH BOOKER INTERVIEWER: Christie L
  • words--of stimulating, creative dissent in order to push toward his goals. For Dr. King, I can say only that he had, more than any man perhaps since Booker T. Washington. But I'm not sure that Washington belongs in this category. I think King was unique
  • that was Booker T. Bonner, called by some [a] radical, carried out by the police. We had this going on for at least two or three weeks. The mayor couldn't take it. He finally went to the hospital, and we never did really establish this human relations commission