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  • Biographical information; Mr. and Mrs. Clarence Martin; school in Johnson City; childhood memories of LBJ; Rebekah Johnson's desire for LBJ to attend college; George Johnson; Sam Johnson; Booker's mother loaning LBJ $100; living in Houston with LBJ
  • Oral history transcript, Ruth Booker, interview 1 (I), 8/14/1986, by Christie L. Bourgeois
  • Ruth Booker
  • Booker, Ruth, 1915-2001
  • See all interviews with Ruth Booker
  • LBJ Presidential Library ORAL HISTORY TRANSCRIPT More on LBJ Library oral histories: INTERVIEW I DATE: August 14, 1986 INTERVIEWEE: RUTH BOOKER INTERVIEWER: Christie L
  • . There is the idea, too, of Negroes developing their businesses in their own communities--well, this isn't anything new. Booker T. Washington advocated that; and Dr. [W.E.B.] DuBois, following Booker T. Washington, began to advocate it, too. So this isn't anything
  • words--of stimulating, creative dissent in order to push toward his goals. For Dr. King, I can say only that he had, more than any man perhaps since Booker T. Washington. But I'm not sure that Washington belongs in this category. I think King was unique