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  • , including memorials to President John F. Kennedy, monuments, historic sites, parks, reservations, and cemeteries. · · · Date range: 1963-1969 6 linear feet, 9 linear inches Available for research (Open) Subcategories: PA PA 1 08/18/17 PARKS - MONUMENTS
  • on Causes and Prevention of Violence, gun control, and capital punishment. 44". JL 3/Kennedy, Robert F. ASSASSINATION OF ROBERT F. KENNEDY (open 9/5/74) Boxes 33-34 Letters and telegrams from the public expressing reactions to the shooting of Senator Robert
  • will be filed in PL/ST for the specific state. PL also has a subdivision by presidential and vice presidential candidates (for example, PL/Kennedy, Robert). For material dealing with political matters of a general nature, or concerned with two or more states
  • John McNaughton, Martin Luther King, Jr., Robert F ., Kennedy, Uncle Huffman Baines, Governor Christian Herter, astronauts, "Him", Peace Corps Associate Director Bob Rupley , Congressmen John E. Fogarty and Clarence Cannon, Prime Minister
  • /64-2/3/64 GEN FE 3-1 2/4/64-2/25/64 GEN FE 3-1 2/26/64-4/9/64 GEN FE 3-1 4/10/64­ EX FE 3-1/Kennedy, Robert F. GEN FE 3-1/Kennedy, Robert F. EX FE 3-1/King GEN FE 3-1/King EX FE 3-2 Wreath Laying 11/22/63-9/18/65 EX FE 3-2 9/19/65-6/11/66 EX FE 3-2 6
  • folders for President John F. Kennedy, Mrs. John F. Kennedy, President Harry S. Truman, President Dwight D. Eisenhower, and President Franklin D. Roosevelt. FG 10 THE EXECUTIVE BRANCH (open) Box 49 FG 11 EXECUTIVE OFFICE OF THE PRESIDENT (open) Box
  • House; the repatriation of Korean War prisoners; procedures relative to a "General Order"; chaplains; Mormon chaplains; Navy stewards for !Mrs. John F. Kennedy; mil·i tary manpower waste and misuse; the role of Vietnam veterans as &peechmakers
  • . TR 156 RANCH, JUNE 13, 1968. Attended Lutheran Church confirmation day services, and was visited by Billy Graham at the Ranch. TR 157 NEW YORK CITY, FUNERAL FOR ROBERT F. KENNEDY, JUNE 8, 1968. Attended funeral of Senator Robert F. Kennedy, at St
  • -American Development Bank meeting in !p ril of 1968, President’s 1967 meeting with European Parliamentary delegation (9/14/67); negotiations such as Commission of European Communities Kennedy Round trade negotiations, and U. S. negotiations with European
  • . on successful space missions. PP and PP 1 - messages congratulating the President on 1964 election and expressing condolences following deaths of Douglas MacArthur, Adlai Stevenson, Herbert Hoover, U.S. astronauts, John F. Kennedy, Robert F. Kennedy, and Martin