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  • rights activist and a friend of Lyndon B. Johnson and Lady Bird Johnson. She was a relief worker during the Great Depression, worked as a lobbyist and campaign worker for Progressive Party candidate Henry Wallace in the 1940s, ran as a candidate
  • Robb, Lynda Bird, 1944-
  • . Johnson and Lady Bird Johnson. She married Charles S. Robb and served as the First Lady of Virginia from 1982 to 1986. She has worked as a writer for McCall's Magazine, contributing editor to Ladies Home Journal, and lecturer and board of director
  • was an alumnus of the University of Texas in Austin and served as a spokesperson for Lady Bird Johnson. Scope and content note: This collection consists of correspondence, notes and mailing lists collected by Neal Spelce that are related to the creation
  • to the Lyndon Johnson family. She was a staff writer for the Washington Post, covering the White House during the Eisenhower, Kennedy and Johnson administrations. She authored a biography of Lady Bird Johnson, as well as books on the first families and White
  • 38995618] PERSONAL PAPERS OF ELLEN TAYLOR COOPER Creator: Cooper, Ellen Taylor Biographical sketch: Ellen Taylor Cooper was the Aunt of Lady Bird Johnson by marriage. Scope and content note
  • [NAID 22189317] PERSONAL PAPERS OF BETTY LONG Creator: Long, Betty, 1904-1981 Biographical sketch: Elizabeth Triplett Long, also known as Betty Long, was a longtime friend of Lady Bird Johnson
  • contain materials covering the lives and accomplishments of Lyndon B. and Lady Bird Johnson and contain materials on the Johnson’s genealogies, families, friends and associates, places of residence, business and legal dealings, careers, and accomplishments
  • 19027485] PERSONAL PAPERS OF JOSEPHINE CLARKE Creator: Clarke, Josephine, 1906 Biographical sketch: Josephine Clarke (b. Josephine Pattillo, 1906), was a longtime friend of Lady Bird Johnson. She first
  • 40274896] PERSONAL PAPERS OF VIVIAN H. HACKNEY Creator: Hackney, V. H., 1907-1990 Biographical sketch: Vivian Howard Hackney, also known as V. H., was a friend of Lady Bird Johnson and a resident
  • : Nettie M. Woodyard was a cousin of Lady Bird Johnson who lived in Billingsley, Alabama. Scope and content note: This collection consists of correspondence and accompanying financial records collected by Nettie Mason Pattillo Woodyard, a cousin of Lady