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  • Biographical information; Marshall High School in the 1920s; Lady Bird Johnson's brothers, Tommy and Tony Taylor, and her father, Thomas Jefferson Taylor; Hughes' contact with Lady Bird Johnson after the 1920s; items in the Harrison County
  • . Or maybe you did. Have you heard people mention her mother or the kind of woman that she was? H: Yes. A very good friend of mine from Hallsville taught down at the Baldwin School when Lady Bird was just a child. This girl lived--too bad she's dead now
  • --oh, maybe 15 years ago at That was it. Galveston at a function which both he and Lady Bird attended and we just went through the receiving line. I think I remember that as we (my wife and I) came by and he saw me, he said to Lady Bird, "There's
  • of things? LC: My memory goes back to when he was in his vice-presidential years, when I went to work for him. But at that time there was a little house in Johnson City, his boyhood home, and already he and Lady Bird were trying to fix it up because
  • was his cook. He said, "You all know Zephyr. Lady Bird and Zephyr and I were driving from the Ranch back to Washington last August. We passed through some Oklahoma town and Lady Bird said, 'Lyndon, would you mind stopping at the next gas station? I would
  • How Clark met LBJ; how Governor James Allred helped LBJ run for Congress in 1937; campaign costs in 1937; LBJ's support for FDR; fundraising for LBJ; LBJ's relationship with Brown and Root; W. Lee "Pappy" O'Daniel's victory over LBJ in 1941; Lady
  • . The best thing he ever did for himself was marrying Lady Bird. He married up. The Johnsons were lower middle class, damn low middle class; the Taylors, upper, upper middle class. Captain Thomas Jefferson Taylor, Lady Bird's father, he was somebody
  • histories: Graham -- Special Interview -- 8 But I also saw him on occasion get quite upset. I remember one time when he had left office, I was visiting with him and Lady Bird, and he had sold his stations
  • :// ORAL HISTORY TRANSCRIPT More on LBJ Library oral histories: Biddle -- Special Interview -- 15 B: And of course, Lady Bird herself was always interested in this area, but more in the beautification
  • . And he said that ever thereafter when he saw Johnson, it would be "Goodman," or "Goatman," or anything that was wrong. B: Have you run into the great habit that Lady Bird had, when she discovered that you had been sent to left field
  • them with me. D: I didn't know this. C: And he said, "You talk to Senator [Alvin] Wirtz. You talk to Lady Bird. You talk to this one and that one, and then you make up your mind which position you want to file me for." D: Because you were
  • . But I brought her back to Austin right after World War II to what had been my home for seven or eight years and went to work in the radio business as a salesman for KTBC, Lyndon and Lady Bird's station. B: Did your wife have a hard time adjusting