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  • to Ranch House sits in den w/ MMV JV Mr Mrs Dick Goodwin Liz Carpenter Mrs J in out Have Bloody Marys and appetizers Reads paper and visits MF VM notify Pres of call from Gov Connally Pres says Tell Lady Bird about it Mrs J returns call Geo Reedy Lunch
  • sent to Rep Michael J Kerwan Ohio at Bethesda w/ card hear you are under the weather Hurry and love Lady Bird and Lyndon B Johnson Bromley Smith fm Mike sorry to get well Mansion To South Grounds wit h Senator Richard Russell -- stood and talked
  • wire to Hon. Luther Hodges N. C. Memorial Hospital, Chapel Hill, N. C. "Lather, you are too young and energetic to be bedridden long. Lady Bird and I are wagering that the Hodges' spirit and the Hodges' energy will be vital and on the move quickly. LBJ
  • pictures of Lynda Bird being fitted in a sari while in Hawaii. . . and hurries out the door calling "Lady Bird, Lady Bird," in an attempt to catch the First Lady who had walked part way to the office with him. Shows her the frontpage coverage as he catches
  • The President autographed the following pics for Judge Marvin Jones: "To Judge Marvin Jones with affection, lady Bird and Lyndon B. Johnson" #C-3481-05 from Asian trip "To Marvin Jones with love from his devoted friends, lady Bird and Lyndon B. Johnson" #C-3480
  • . on Lady Bird Special Rub in Room. Talking w/ VM and MF and reading the NY Times Article" When questioned on how he thought the da y had been, he replied, "I thought it was awfully good. " Mrs. Johnson aboard, the Lady Bird Special. Lynda Bird also talked
  • 3-19-64 Mansion 8:55 10:07 10:11 f f 10:20 10:31 10:35 11:25 11:27 Thursday Bill Moyers Arr Oval Room w/ Mrs Johnson "Come on in, Bird" William Gaud of AID (Deputy under David Bell) greets a group of Lloyd Hand in reception room on way
  • . Johnson w/ ladies and President w/ men toured the Ranch area in cars Departed Lewis Ranch via chopper w/ above guests arriving at LBJ Ranc h at 1:30 To Living Room W/ Judge and Mrs. Thornberry, Mr. and Mrs. Frank Ikard, Mr. Kellam, Mrs. Johnson
  • " and "Living White House" -"To our friends, the Holts, with best wishes on the occasion their visit to Washington, Lyndon B Johnson--Lady Bird Johnson, June 1, 1967. Framed copy of the photograph taken at the Diplomatic Reception of Pres and Mrs. J "To Harold
  • stone Episcopal church--very nice but awfully hot as it was unairconditioned. w/ Th e Prime Minister & Mrs. Holt outside metby PRESSSir John & Lady Bunting, Amb & Mrs. Clark Amb & Mrs. Waller, Anthony Eggleton, mary _s Communion service " 10:34a " Secy