Oral history transcript, Frank M. Wozencraft, interview 5 (V), 2/24/1969, by T.H. Baker


Oral history transcript, Frank M. Wozencraft, interview 5 (V), 2/24/1969, by T.H. Baker

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Wozencraft's work on a study group related to the revision of international treaty laws; the 1968 United Nations (UN) Conference on the Law of Treaties negotiations over how treaties should be invalidated and terminated; concern that proposed articles could destabilize relationships between countries; the role of the delegation in representing the US government appropriately; failed US efforts to delay decisions regarding the doctrine of jus cogens; difficulties with the nature of the UN and other international organizations, such as equal votes for all countries, each country's concern for its own past treaties, and voting blocs; lack of support for the US within the UN; allegiances between countries, such as the Afro-Asian and communist countries; US efforts to get appropriate third-party settlement procedures in Article 62; Wozencraft filling in for Ambassador Richard Kearney at the UN conference; language interpretation at international conferences; the Soviet 5 bis amendment/all-states formula that would allow any state to become a party to any treaty; factors that hampered US progress at UN events, such as the lack of funds to entertain other representatives; Wozencraft's UN party in Vienna; the Czech delegate's resolution to delay discussion of 5 bis and Article 62; Czechoslovakia's threats toward the US and allegiance to USSR ideals; Wozencraft's interactions with Soviet UN officials regarding the all-states formula; US efforts to gain Kenyan support in opposing the Soviets; preparations for 1969 UN talks regarding third-party settlement procedures; the ability of other countries to staff international conferences more effectively than the US and provide more money to their representatives for lodging and entertaining; UN policy of sovereign equality of states as opposed to voting power granted according to economic contribution; the work of the drafting committee versus the committee of the whole; the UK failing to communicate their stances to the US; lack of involvement from the White House or the State Department in conferences such as these; Wozencraft's influence in presenting issues to the State Department officials; the power of treaties in international law; how international law is carried out by custom if not by treaty; the International Court of Justice's loss of authority among Afro-Asian countries; international law versus world government; lack of trust in the International Court of Justice.


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