Oral history transcript, Lady Bird Johnson, interview 37 (XXXVII), 8/1994, by Harry Middleton


Oral history transcript, Lady Bird Johnson, interview 37 (XXXVII), 8/1994, by Harry Middleton

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LBJ's January 1956 return to Congress following his heart attack; Jesse Kellam; the Johnsons' interest in sports; KTBC's success; criticism of LBJ; President Eisenhower's February 1956 announcement that he would run for re-election; the table Frank Stanton gave the Johnsons for the LBJ Ranch and the Johnsons' relationship with Stanton; Lady Bird Johnson's father, T. J. Taylor, in his later years; the Southern Manifesto; meeting Sir Lawrence Olivier; attending events at the Olney Theatre; the likelihood that LBJ would go to the Democratic National Convention as Texas' favorite son in 1956; political allies from around Texas meeting at the Ranch; Mrs. Johnson's 1964 letter to LBJ regarding his future as president; Austin Mayor Tom Miller's arguments with LBJ regarding the cost of electricity and the need for parks in Austin; Edgar (E. H.) Perry; Lynda and Luci at Camp Mystic; Lynda and Luci's work as adults in public service; Allan Shivers; Sam Rayburn and his sister, Miss Lou; the 1956 Democratic National Convention; the support of John Connally and the Wesley West family; early memories of John F. Kennedy; LBJ's senate majority leader office; committee to select the best senators throughout history; LBJ persuading Texas delegates to vote for JFK for the vice-presidential nomination; Rebekah Johnson's declining health; international issues at the Suez Canal that kept Eisenhower from focusing on his campaign; John Foster Dulles; the Johnsons' trip to Europe, particularly Paris, in 1956; the effect of World War II on Paris and London in 1956 and later; Philip and Katharine Graham; Rebekah Johnson's devotion to her children and their education.


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