Oral history transcript, Lady Bird Johnson, interview 36 (XXXVI), 8/1994, by Harry Middleton


Oral history transcript, Lady Bird Johnson, interview 36 (XXXVI), 8/1994, by Harry Middleton

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The prospect in 1955 of LBJ being a candidate for the presidency; Amon Carter and LBJ's relationship with Carter; John Henry Faulk; LBJ's 1955 heart attack; humorous story regarding suits a tailor was making for LBJ at the time of his heart attack; family and staff who helped with Lynda and Luci while Lady Bird Johnson stayed with LBJ at the hospital; LBJ's relationship with his siblings; LBJ's health causing him to miss the signing of the Southeast Asia Treaty Organization (SEATO) treaty; the Johnsons' relationship with Senator Wayne Morse; LBJ becoming Senate Majority Leader; LBJ's secretaries; Mrs. Johnson's feelings about riding in an airplane; the Johnsons' relationship with Drew Pearson; the Johnsons' party for Bess and Tyler Abell; family vacation to Daytona Beach; getting to know Liz and Les Carpenter; James Forrestal; Dale and Virginia "Scooter" Miller; Lynda's experience with a cotillion for congressional children; Mrs. Johnson's impressions of President Dwight Eisenhower; LBJ's view on civil rights over the years; socializing with Marjorie Merriweather Post and Senator Theodore Francis Green; Miriam "Ma" and James "Pa" Ferguson; Stuart Symington; President Eisenhower's heart attack; LBJ's depression after his heart attack; LBJ's recovery from his heart attack, including changes in his diet and no longer smoking; Ed Clark; LBJ's friendship with A. W. Moursund; Mrs. Johnson's interest in wildflowers; the Johnsons' friendship with the Hubert Humphreys; Arthur Godfrey; the death of Mary Rather's brother and sister-in-law and Rather's efforts to care for their children; Juanita Roberts; Oklahoma Senator Bob Kerr; LBJ's view about alcohol; Averell Harriman; Estes Kefauver and his speech in Waxahachie, Texas; Christmas Eve at LBJ's mother's house with the Johnson family; Mrs. Johnson's relationship with her mother-in-law, Rebekah Johnson.


Johnson, Lady Bird, 1912-2007


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