Oral history transcript, Lady Bird Johnson, interview 18 (XVIII), 9/26/1980-9/27/1980, by Michael L. Gillette


Oral history transcript, Lady Bird Johnson, interview 18 (XVIII), 9/26/1980-9/27/1980, by Michael L. Gillette

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The back porch and yard of the Johnsons' Washington, D.C. home in 1943; Aunt Effie Pattillo's visits to Washington, D.C., her personality and her friendship with LBJ's mother, Rebekah Johnson; Jesse Kellam joining the navy; the end of the National Youth Administration; LBJ's work in the 10th District in the fall of 1943; LBJ's efforts to help individuals in his role as congressman; KTBC's affiliation with Columbia and capability to broadcast at night; losing office staff to the military; staying at Buchanan Dam with friends and 10th District postmasters; purchasing the 1901 Dillman Street house in Austin; questions regarding the Johnsons' finances; LBJ's letter to Austin mayor Tom Miller explaining how they were able to afford such large purchases; Buck Taylor's negative leaflets about LBJ; the many trips between Washington, D.C. and Austin over the years, including a trip by car with Aunt Effie Pattillo and LBJ's Uncle George Johnson; difficulties for African-American employees traveling cross-country; Christmas 1943 with the Pickles, Connallys and others playing dominos; the 1901 Dillman Street house; Jesse Kellam's and Albert Caster's help to the Johnsons; LBJ's opposition in 1944; LBJ's meetings with Franklin Roosevelt; the birth of the Johnson's niece, Rebekah Sterling Alexander; George and Herman Brown; LBJ's interest in the business world and a career outside of government; Harry Truman's growing popularity in 1944; the bassinet used for Lynda Johnson and other babies; the 30th Place house in Washington D.C. and visitors to it; African-American employees over the years; Lynda's birth; choosing the name Lynda Bird; baby gifts; help in caring for infant Lynda; how being parents changed the Johnsons' lives; political opponent Buck Taylor; LBJ's view of minorities in the 1930s and 1940s and some of his unpopular actions; LBJ's association with African-American education leaders; Bill Deason and the Johnsons' first victory garden; guests and friends; the changing morale regarding the war in 1942-1943; James Forrestal as secretary of the navy; the 1944 division among Texas Democrats; women in Texas politics in the 1940s; a woman's "I remember Johnny" speech about LBJ helping her find her son; receiving the news of D-Day, June 6, 1944; press support for LBJ; LBJ's work in the 1944 election; Mrs. Johnson's trip to New Hampshire to christen the U.S.S. Tench; family members hospitalized in the summer of 1944; the 1944 Democratic National Convention in Chicago; LBJ winning his congressional election in 1944; James "Pa" Ferguson's death and his friendship with LBJ's father; story of LBJ's mother voting for Pat Neff rather than Ferguson; life at 1901 Dillman, including entertaining and the phone on the backyard tree; LBJ's interest in football; Dillman house decor; Dillman neighbors.


Johnson, Lady Bird, 1912-2007


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Lady Bird Johnson


Michael L. Gillette

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1980-09-26; 1980-09-27

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