Oral history transcript, Lady Bird Johnson, interview 10 (X), 1/25/1979-1/26/1979, by Michael L. Gillette


Oral history transcript, Lady Bird Johnson, interview 10 (X), 1/25/1979-1/26/1979, by Michael L. Gillette

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Political issues of 1939; where the Johnsons lived; the Johnsons' friends; raising the height of the Marshall Ford Dam; the extension of Rural Electric Association lines and building of the Pedernales Electric Co-op in Johnson City; Lady Bird Johnson's time spent sight-seeing and attending events at the Congressional Club or the 75th Club; visiting Bill White in New York City; Sam Rayburn, Wright Patman, Nat Patton, and other Texans in Washington, D.C.; visits with Aunt Effie Pattillo; summer theater in Olney, Maryland, and other outdoor performances in the Washington, D.C. area; the first public housing project in Austin; LBJ's relationship with Jesse Jones; Austin mayor Tom Miller's personality and relationship with LBJ; a 1939 visit with Charles and Alice Marsh at Greenbrier Hotel in White Sulphur Springs, West Virginia; Charles Marsh's discussion of world events; new staff members Dorothy Jackson, John Connally and Walter Jenkins and their duties; new office and apartment in Johnson City; Lady Bird Johnson's health and surgery in 1939; LBJ's sister, Josefa Johnson; Herbert Henderson; recreational parks along the naval base in Corpus Christi; the Maury Maverick corrupt practices indictment; the 10th District postmasters picnic and Buchanan Dam; John L. Lewis' negative comments about Vice President John Nance Garner and LBJ's response; LBJ's relationship with John Nance Garner; Senator Alvin Wirtz's appointment as undersecretary of the interior; buying land from Charles Marsh using Mrs. Johnson's money.


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1979-01-25; 1979-01-26

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Post-Presidential (Jan. 21, 1969-)