Jones, Luther Edward, Jr., 1914-1999


Jones, Luther Edward, Jr., 1914-1999


Bio: Luther Edward Jones, Jr., also known as L. E. (b. January 12, 1914, Montgomery County, Texas-d. September 6, 1999, Corpus Christi, Texas), lawyer. Attended Central High School in Houston, Texas, where he was on the debate team led by Lyndon B. Johnson. After graduation he attended the Rice Institute for two years before moving to Washington, D.C. in 1934 to work in the office of Congressman Richard Kleberg alongside Johnson. Jones attended Georgetown University School of Law for one year before moving back to Texas to attend the law school at the University of Texas in Austin, receiving his law degree in 1937. During his time in law school he worked under Johnson at the National Youth Administration (NYA), and also worked on Johnson’s 1937 congressional campaign. Jones served in the United States Army from 1944 to 1946. Jones worked for the United States Department of Justice before moving to Corpus Christi, Texas to practice law.


Debate Coach Lyndon B. Johnson with championship team: Luther Jones, Margaret Epley, Evelyn Lee, Gene Lattimer. Sam Houston High School, Houston, Texas, 1931. Photo # 31-13-2.Pre-Presidential Photo Collection, LBJ Presidential Library. No usage fees.


LBJ Connection: Student of LBJ's at Sam Houston High School, Houston, Texas; roommate at the Dodge Hotel, Washington D.C.; assistant secretary to U.S. Congressman Richard Kleberg; long-time political associate of LBJ